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What Is It?

Put simply - imagine having access to your very own personal mobile website maker. If you've been involved in the mobile scene for any length of time, you'll know that there have been quite a few services which help you make your own mobile site. A lot of the options out there can be time taking and very expensive in order to achieve mobile responsive sites, resulting in lots of people desiring for a much more hands free solution. Well, no longer do you have to wait for such a solution, as the amazing Mob Site Maker is here, allowing users to simply install it on their computer, enter a few details of the site and/or business, choose from any of the pre-loaded beautiful mobile themes, and voila, you have your own mobile site, ready to be uploaded to any server! It literally takes the time to make a cup of tea! ANYONE can make a mobile site with the Mob Site Maker. Perfect for both personal use / offliners / assisting businesses to get mobile - it really is the world's EASIEST mobile responsive website creator and builder.





Just A Few of Our Powerful Features


Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The Mob Site Maker isn't some brain-aching complex piece of something. Rather, we've designed the software so that literally anyone can use it. It really is just a matter of entering the details of the website you want to create, such as phone number, some info about the site/business, address, email, and that's it! Then click on "Start" and you're new mobile-based website is smartphone ready.

Honestly, if you can use a computer, (which of course you can since you're reading this website), then the Mob Site Maker will be a breeze to use.

  • Installation takes less than a minute!
  • Configuration takes less than a minute!
  • Creation of your mobile site takes less than a minute!
  • More advanced users are of course free to modify the newly created mobile site.

We've made everything a breeze, and of course more technical clients can feel free to alter and edit the created mobile sites in any way they wish.

Choose from a Selection of Beautiful Themes

We understand that mobile themes need to be fast, responsive, compatible with all devices, yet at the same time looking fab. This is something we believe we have delivered with a selection of twenty gorgeous themes. The Mob Site Maker can create the following amazing themes with whatever parameters you wish to input into the software:

A Cars theme, two Computers themes, Cooking theme, Dining theme, DIY Theme, Florist theme, Gardening theme, Properties theme, Stationery theme, Apps theme, Furniture theme, Books Theme, Cake theme, Health theme, Gadgets theme, Mobile Phones theme, Video Games theme, Home Decoration theme, Sports theme, Of course you are free to alter/edit the final result which the Mob Site maker creates. A default basic theme (which more advanced web developers can use as a virtual blank canvas), is also available.


Google Maps

Not only does the Mob Site Maker produce a Google Map (on the Find Us page), but this map is interactive, meaning, the user has the ability to zoom in and out and look around the address in question (as opposed to static maps which most mobile sites have).

This is a really nifty feature which a lot of mobile themes are missing. And our software makes this a breeze - the Mob Site Maker simply asks you to enter the address, and will then automatically create a Google Map integrated into the mobile site, so people can easily find the location.

Device Detection

Perhaps the most important part. The Mob Site Maker creates mobile websites which are able to instantly detect what type of device is connecting to the website in question. Meaning, if someone is browsing yourdomain.com on a PC, then the regular, traditional desktop site shall be displayed, yet if a person is browsing yourdomain.com on an iPhone, an Android phone, a Windows phone, a Blackberry, or any via any other smartphone, the user shall be instantly directed to the mobile version of the site, which Mob Site Maker created. In other words, it uses a clean and responsive piece of code to automatically determine the best way to display the website, depending upon the client device being used to browse the site itself.


Tap to Call

Every mobile based website needs to have "tap to call" feature, which allows the website viewer to simply tap a button to get in touch with the business owner, as opposed to manually having to search for the phone number.

Indeed, all our mobile themes come with a "tap to call" icon, which shall appear on every page of your mobile site, so the user will always have instant access to get in touch with the website / business owner at a touch of a screen.

Variety of Mobile Themes

Computers Theme

Florists Theme

Gardening Theme

Decoration Theme

Video Games Theme

Sports Theme

Mobiles Theme

Gadget Theme

Furniture Theme

Cakes Theme

Books Theme

Cars Theme

Cooking Theme

DIY Theme

Properties Theme

Stationery Theme

Why we all need to go Mobile


"To make it easier for people to find the information that they’re looking for, we’re adding a “mobile-friendly” label to our mobile search results."

"Google - Webmaster Central"

"Google has taken a strong stance on mobile SEO, announcing there will be demotions if your site is not mobile friendly or is misconfigured when it comes to being mobile friendly."

"Barry Schwartz - seoroundtable.com"


"Google is suggesting that a page is either mobile-friendly or not. Either you make the cut or you don't."

"Dr. Peter J. Meyers - Moz.com"

"Search is one of the most popular things we do on mobile devices, and certainly one of the most popular things we do on the mobile web. Google is doing a good job creating addictive behavior in searches such that the volume of queries keeps going up and up."

"Rand Fishkin - Moz.com"


Important facts about the mobile industry





80 Percent of consumers use smartphones to shop
3 Billion smartphone users expected by 2019
46 Percent of consumers will abandon site if it's not mobile optimized
7 times the growth of internet usage on smartphones over desktops

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will Mob Site Maker work on my computer?

Absolutely, as long as you're running a PC with Microsoft Windows XP or higher, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. We do recommend that you have a minimum CPU speed of 1 GHz, to be honest, most computers are far above this specification nowadays anyway. Please note that the Mob Site Maker is only for Microsoft Windows based computers - it will not work on other systems such as Apple Mac or Unix.

How many mobile themes will I get?

A total of twenty beautiful themes. These range from gardening to automobiles, from gadgets to real estate and many more. Remember, these themes are pre-set, and can be modified in any way you wish, e.g. with your own logo, or your own text, etc...

How easy is it to use the Mob Site Maker?

Very easy indeed. If you can use Microsoft Windows, then you can use the Mob Site Maker! It just requires you to input a few details, click a few buttons, and then create your mobile site! Note, the software creates HTML based mobile themes, so they can be uploaded to any server. You can create as many mobile sites as you like - perfect for both personal use and offliners, assisting businesses to get mobile, which, with the new Google Mobile algorithm, is essential.

Can I run this on more than one computer?

The Mob Site Maker can only be run on a single computer, allowing you to create as many mobile sites as you wish, whether it be for your own sites or your clients' sites, which also makes it great for offliners. However, If you would like to run it on another PC, you can of course buy a further license. Alternatively, you can swap computer licenses for no cost.

Will you be updating the software and will these updates be free?

Yes and yes! We aim to keep the Mob Site Maker compatible with every new version of Windows. So the Mob Site Maker works on WinXP, Vista, 7, and 8, and Windows 10. And of course we won't charge you a penny for support.

How does the Google Maps feature work?

Simple. When you enter the address into the Mob Site Maker, it will generate an INTERACTIVE map, (as opposed to a static picture), where users can zoom in, zoom out, scroll North, South, East and West, etc... I.e. all the features you would get when browsing on Google Maps itself!

What is your refund policy?

If there is an issue with the product and our technical support can't solve it for you, we will provide a refund for you within 30-day of your purchase.

Any more questions?

No problem! If have any further queries or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at: support@mobsitemaker.com Alternatively, you can fill out the form below.

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